A Revolution

We are in the midst of a huge cultural transformation. It is a cultural revolution because it affects the entire culture. We are changing from an Industrial Age to an Information Age.

Each age is based on a particular world view, on a set of fundamental ideas and assumptions. These ideas show up in the science, philosophy, politics, art…in all aspects of the culture. For this is a revolution in thought and this means it is a revolution in everything that can be thought about.

This revolution has profound implications for organizations and management. Bureaucracies were the child of the Industrial age. But this new era calls for a new approach to organizations. We’ve heard much about the learning organization, and that is a move in the right direction. But it doesn’t go far enough.

The lean movement, as embodied by the Toyota Prouduction System, points the way to a new way of managing organizations. The best organizations in this era are those that are dedicated to serving their people, customers and society as a whole.

It is this emphasis on adding value to people that is at the core of the success of todays companies. And this is the first principle of the Toyota Production System. All other business decisions are based on this principle, even when this means sacrificing short term gain.

See the following article TPS and Lean:

TPS and Lean

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