The use of history is to give value to the present hour and its duty. 

Welcome to the Loving Organization!

This site is dedicated to understanding organizations. More than this, it is an attempt to understand our times, and the ideas behind these times.

We are in revolutionary times. Exponential growth, accelerating rates of change, globalization, instantaneous communication, all call for a new understanding. We need organizations that can adapt and thrive in these radically new times.

The basic problem is that organizational theory was formed in and for a machine age, an industrial age. The processes, policies and methods, were mechanical; the logic employed was mechanical, and the people were treated as machines. Human needs and human values were ignored.

The learning organization was proposed as a response to the challenges of an information age. One of it’s main creators and proponents, Peter Senge, was attempting to build on the work of Edwards Deming and the quality movement.

But the learning organization is not enough. While learning organizations do begin to bring human creativity, knowledge back into the picture, it still misses something fundamental about human nature. In addition, all of the attributes that lead to learning are directly related to and engendered by a more primal human need. And that need is to love and be loved.

The best organizations in this era are those that are dedicated to serving their people, customers and society as a whole. It is this emphasis on adding value to people that is at the core of the success of todays companies. And what better way to value and to add value, than to love.

This is a call for loving organizations. This is the direction for the future. As we shall see, this in not a sentimental platitude, but the real key to success for any organization. Applying the Golden Rule to business is good business. The right thing to do is the smart thing to do.

Love never fails!

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